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6851 Willie E. was a carpenter and farmer. Bisbee, Willie E. (I9708)
6852 Willis John Bisbee was of medium height and medium build with blue eyes and light brown hair. Willis and his son Orville owned a tractor and farm implement sales business, W. J. Bisbee and Son, in Union City, Pennsylvania. In 1942 at age 57, Willis stood 5'-11" tall, weighed 142 lbs, had blue eyes, brown hair, light complexion, and had a glass eye. Bisbee, Willis John (I122)
6853 Williston Congregational Church Shaw, Linda Anne (I13425)
6854 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bisbee, L.E. (I7584)
6855 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bisbee, B.R. (I7585)
6856 Wilson Bisbee moved to Michigan.

Never married. Was partner in Tower and Bisbee Ranch near Salt Spring Valley, Calaveras Co., California. 
Bisbee, Abner Wilson (I3722)
6857 Wilson Hospital. Bisbee, Rebecca Ruth (I10234)
6858 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Griffith, W.S. (I12156)
6859 Winslow d. "Aged 71 yrs. 11 mos. 28 das." Bisbee, Winslow Z. (I6209)
6860 Winslow T. Bisbee was a farmer near West Sumner, Maine. Winslow d. "Aged 74 yrs. 6 mos. 24 das." Bisbee, Winslow Taylor (I4564)
6861 Witnesses (to marriage), Eugene Bisbee and Nettie Roselle. Family F4294
6862 Wm H. retired 1 Oct 1902 after 42 years of service with the rank of Brigadier General. Information sent by M. Virginia Bisbee Vanis, Pahoa, Hawaii.

William was named after William Henry Harrison, who became President the same year he was born.

According to William, he lived in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, until he was fifteen, within five miles of his mother's birthplace, "that old farm in Cumberland."

William was a staunch Whig and Republican.

Young William Henry Bisbee first worked in Philadelphia and later in Delaware, Ohio, at which place, when he was 22, he answered the call for troops and enlisted in the 18th US Infantry Sept. 2, 1861. He was a private and later sergeant in Company A. He was commissioned a 2nd lieutentant in the same regiment on 9 June 1862. After the Battle of Stone River at Murfreesboro, Tenn. he was breveted a 1st lieutentant and a captain 18 Sept. 1864 for services in the Atlanta Campaign. He was wounded three times during this campaign. He served in several campaigns under Generals Thomas, Buell, Roescrans and Sherman. He was also wounded at Hoover's Gap, Tenn. 26 june 1863.

After the Civil War he built up a long record on the Western Frontier. He built Ft. Phil Kearney in the Dakota Territory in 1884. He was an officer with the troops suppressing the miner's riots in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho in 1892. First as a captain and then as a major he commanded troops in Ogden, Utah and Pocatello, Idaho. The Eugene V. Debs riots in Chicago and the Commonwealer outbreaks in 1893 and 1894 were also among his military experiences where troops were used to quell civil distrubances. The Bannon Indian uprising at Jackson Hole, Wyoming was overcome by the use of troops among which was a battalion commanded by William Bisbee.

As Lieut. Colonel Bisbee he had command of a regiment throughout the Santiago (Cuba) campaigns with Capron's Battery and he was at the battles of El Caney and San Juan Hill. While in Cuba he had charge of the disbursing of $3 million in US funds for the relief and assistance of the Cuban Army.

William Henry Bibee went on to the Philippines as a colonel and was military governor in the sub-districts comprising 19 native towns in the provinces of Pangasonan and Nieuva Elija. He became a general while in the Philippines and commanded troops on the island of Luzon in 1901.

General Bisbee Retired in 1902. He was a member of the Loyal legion, Sons of the American Revolution, Army of the Cumberland, Society of Santiago do Cuba and Order of the Purple Heart.

During his later years General Bisbee lived in Brookline, Mass. At the time of his death in 1942 he was the oldest retired United States Army Officer.

He d. "Aged 102 yrs. 4 mos. 12 das." Cremated at Forest Hills. Burial Arlington National Cemetery, Va.

Wm. H. retired 1 Oct. 1902 after 42 years service with the rank of Brigadier General. The extra information sent in by M. Virginia Bisbee Vanis, Pahoa, Hawaii #12-1322.

Bisbee Family Connection, May 2004, vol 16, issue 2, p 7, Brig. Gen. Bisbee Obituary
"Brig. Gen. Bisbee Dies at Age 102.
"Oldest Retired Army Officer of Nation.
"Fought in 4 Wars Beginning with the Civil.
"In Indian Campaigns Also"
"His First Commission Signed by Lincoln.
"A Soldier for 41 Years at His Retirement.
"BROOKLINE, MASS., June 11 (AP) oldest retired American Army officer, died today in his home here at the age of 102.
"The Helath of the veteran of four conflicts, The Civil, Indian and Spanish-American wars and the Phillipines Insurrection, had failed rapidly since he suffered a heart attack several weeks ago.
"Shortly before his death, the old campaigner's many years in the Army were termed "an inspiration to the soldiers who fight for democracy today," by General George C. Marshall, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, who upon learning of General Bisbee's illnes wired: "Your expression of confidence that the democracies will emerge victorious from this great strutggle is characteristic of a brilliant soldier who gave so many years in the service of his country."
"General Bisbee had been a soldier with the late Major Gen. Arthur MacArthur, father of the hero of the Philipppines, and he kept in close touch in recent months with the developments on battlefields he know of old by having leading articles read to him.
"During his 102d birthday interview he waved aside discussion of present-day military affairs, preferring to leave that subject to "those better qualified than myself."
"General Bisbee left a son, Raymond B. Bisbee of Albany, N.Y., and a daughter Mrs. Thomas Fefel of Baltimore. Another son, Eugene Shade Bisbee, for many years a New York newspaper man, died in 1933.

From U.S. Army Historical Register, 1789-1903, Vol. 1
An Asterix before a name indicates that the officer attained the rank of brigadier or major-general either by regular or brevet commission in the regular or volunteer forces*Bisbee, William Henry. R I. Army. Pvt and 1 sergeant A and sergeant major 2 battalion 18 infantry 2 Sept 1861 to 11 July 1862; 2 lieutenant 18 infantry 9 June 1862; 1 lieutenant 31 Dec 1862; transferred to 27 infantry 21 Sept 1866; captain 21 Dec 1866; unassigned 14 June 1869; assigned to 25 infantry 5 July 1870; transferred to 4 infantry 27 Oct 1870; major 17 infantry 18 May 1893; transferred to 8 infantry 7 Aug 1895; lieutenant colonel 1 infantry 4 May 1897; colonel 13 infantry 16 June 1899; brigadier-general 2 Oct 1901; retired 1 Oct 1902; brevet captain 31 Dec 1862 for gallant and meritorious services in the battle of Murfreesboro Tenn and captain 1 Sept 1864 for gallant and meritorious services during the Atlanta campaign and in the battle of Jonesboro Ga. 
Bisbee, General William Henry (I4847)
6863 Womens Homeopathic Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
Widow of Isaac B. Briggs.
Usual residence: 2352 N. 20th St, Philadelphia, PA.
Inquest pending.
Bisbee, Felicia Magoun (I5681)
6864 Womens Med. College.
Usual residence: Alden Park Manor, School Lane & Wiss. Ave.
Usual occupation: insurance adjustor. 
Schoble, Ralph T. (I8169)
6865 Woodstock General Hospital Bisbee, Helen Irene (I12952)
6866 Woodstock Hospital Bisbee, Frank Leslie (I12951)
6867 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Freeman, L.W. (I12222)
6868 WW1 Draft Registration Card, Hamilton, OH. Roll 1832239 A3437-362/397
Name: Delbert Ira Dunnihoo
Address: 716 Chesnut, Hamilton, Butler, Ohio
Age: 18
Born: July 30, 1900
Race: white
Citizen: natural born
Present Occupation: molder
Employer: Niles Tool Works
Addr: Hamilton
Nearest Relative: Levi Nelson Dunnihoo
Addr: 716 Chesnut
Physical Desc:
Tall, slight of build, gray eyes, red hair
Signed: Sept 12, 1918

Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000 Online
Name: Delbert I Dunnihoo
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 20 January 1970
Volume: 19933 Certificate: 000518
Autopsy: Unknown
Marital Status: Divorced
Place of Death: Hamilton, Butler County
Certifier: Physician
Race: White
Residence: Hamilton, Butler County
Age: 69 Years

SSN: 269-16-9526
Last Residence: 45011 Hamilton, Butler, OH
Born: 30 Jul 1900
Last Benefit:
Died: Jan 1970
State (Year) SSN issued: OH (Before 1951) 
Dunnihoo, Delbert Ira (I17889)
6869 Wyoming's Kingdom Crusader Josiah Strong 1847-1916

On a cold night in 1873, the town of Cheyenne, Wyoming, was set afire. The arsonists were the town's former brothel-keepers, who had been forced out of business by Pastor Josiah Strong's call for a moral cleanup. The flames did nothing to melt Strong's resolve.

Strong had been just a greenhorn graduate of Cincinnati's Lane Theological Seminary when he married Alice Bisbee on August 29, 1871. Ten days later, the newlyweds were setting up house in Cheyenne, where Strong was ordained and installed as pastor of a Congregational church. He stayed long enough to lead the anti-prostitution crusade (and suffer the consequences mentioned above), but he soon headed back east to take a chaplaincy at Western Reserve College in Ohio.

As the years passed, Strong's passion for societal reform grew. In 1885 he published his most famous and influential book, Our Country. By 1916 it had sold over 125,000 copies. The book drew heavily on his western experience but also recalled the ideals of his Puritan ancestors. He challenged the nation and the church to transform society with biblical principles and thereby establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

"Free institutions are safe only when the great majority of the people have that reverence for law which can spring only from reverence for God," he wrote. "The most striking defect of young America is the lack of reverence." To remedy this, he exhorted the church to roll up its sleeves, work hard, pray always, and seize the day for Jesus Christ.

After the initial success of Our Country, Strong dedicated himself fully to biblical social reform, first in America and then in Britain and in South America. His efforts gave birth to the "Safety First" movement, the American Institute for Social Service (and its British counterpart), and the Federal Council of Churches in America.

Mark Ammerman is author of The Rain From God, The Ransom, and The Longshot (all Horizon Books), a historical fiction series set in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century New England. 
Strong, Rev. Josiah (I9964)
6870 Yale-New Haven Hospital Mugge, Harriet R. (I31251)
6871 Year from death certificate published at Find A Grave Bisbee, Isadore (I3811)
6872 Year of Birth from his Headstone. Frank J. Bisbee has him born in 1859. Bisbee, Dr. Walter Frank (I6084)
6873 Year uncertain, sometime in the 1970's. James, Joyce Elaine (I21657)
6874 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eldridge, E.B. (I12379)
6875 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eldridge, T.P. (I12380)
6876 Zachariah Jr. is brother of Judith Shaw, Mry Edson's mother. This is sister of John (b. 1747). Shaw, Zacharia Jr. (I1820)
6877 Zada died in infancy. Pomeroy, Zada (I25440)
6878 Zadoc Churchill was from Halifax, Mass. Family F761
6879 Zaruah Gates was born in Connecticut, or in Delaware County, New York. Gates, Zaruah (I4815)
6880 Zebulon d. "of Consumption"

"Old Burying Ground" (Congregational Church Cemetery, Kingston) grave record reads: "Sacred to the memory of Zebulon Bisbee who died Sept 7th, 1842 aged 64 yrs. 5 mos." Also this stanza: "Farewell, dear friend, a short farewell, "Till we meet again above, "Where endless joys and treasures dwell "And trees of lfe bear fruits of love." 
Bisbee, Capt. Zebulon (I2071)
6881 Zelphia d. "Aged 81 yrs. 3 mos. 1 da." Mitchell, Zelphia (I4969)
6882 Zenas Bisbee was a shoe stitcher and resided at East Abington, Mass. He served in the Civil War and enlisted the 28th of Aug. 1862 for service with the 43d Mass. Volunteer Infantry. He was Discharged for disability 3 April 1863. Bisbee, Zenas M. (I4687)
6883 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1
6884 [1870 Census Michigan Macomb Co Washington Twp p9
{line, Name, age, sex, color, Occupation, Value of real eproperty, Val ue of personal Property, Place of Birth, }
1, Briggs, alinda, 37, f, W, Dressmaker, --,300, Canada
2, ---------- Effie, 16, F, W, at school, --,--, Michigan
3, -----------Martha,14, f, w, ar school, --,--, Indiana
4, --------Charles, 12, m, w, at school,--,--, Michigan
5, Hamlin Cordelia, 35, f, w, dress maker, --,--, Canada
Bisbee, Alinda Wells (I26065)
6885 [Local newspaper]
BISBEE, Betsey, dau/o Maj. S. Bisbee, Brooklyn, m 21March1844, James W. CHAPMAN, Montrose. 
Family F4084
6886 [Military]
Turrell, Judson Wade (I25033)
6887 [Soldiers Orphan School]
Martha Bennet Children Home: located in Ward 3, Wilkes Barre City
Tiffany, Willard H -- b. Aug 6, 1863
Admission: Mar 10 1870
"Pennsylvania's Soldier's Orphan Schools" by James Laughery Paul, 1877, pp 428-430. 
Tiffany, Willard Hosea (I25032)
6888 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bisbee, R.E. (I25053)

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